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What Makes a Good Design?

Top 3 Item Design

Everyone of us deals with someone's visions of 'great' design every day and I may not know what motivates those designers to make the very desicions, but I definetly know what makes their products so inconvinient. However, the question is what makes the design so good that you'll use it everyday without even noticing? In this article I am going to state my criteria for good design as for today (because I'm sure it will alter), as well as list my own top of three items which design falls under that criteria.

As you approach the potential 'functional item' for the first time you can immidiately spot whether it really has the potential as you about to face its discoverability. Anyway no one's going to waste their precious time on reading the instruction so the design should be that obvious and ituitive for the consumer so that they manage to use it at least once, in spite of causing total frustration and unwillingness to even try it out. Now surely not all things can be simplified but the commucation can make the user understand the functionality of the item and make user's journey a satisfying one. It brings us to the second critirion functionality which is measured by the result we get from the usage of the item and how much effort does it take to achieve it. The design, at the end of the day, should solve the problem not be a never-ending source of them.

Although the communication will be clear, some users may use your item despite its functionality or it may be used in unpredictible situations. Nonetheless, security is a criterion you should've thought of when creating it.

Now I used highly functional item and, even though I encountered a problem, the communication helped me get through it and I'm considering buying it, however, next day I use the item with the same features except it was prettier, so which one do I choose? Appearance is an imporant criterion because it inhances the overall user experience, it's what the item will be remembered by and described to the people who's never seen it before.

So here is my humble top 3 of casual items' design which I found good:

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