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Rubber Sliders

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There is plenty of slippers out there but how many of them doesn't rub between your toes, make your feel like you're walking barefoot (literally feeling everything you step on) or make your feet sweat like a pig? And I know shoes are highly personal but whoever designed those sliders couldn't have just made this for me, right?

Rubber Sliders

Explaning the choice:

Discoverabilty - the moment you see them is the moment before you try them on.

Functionality - the rubber material makes them lighter comparing to metal or wooden, however, not lighter than fabric. The fabric stripe beneath the rubber one is streachable and also more cosy. The  surface of the slider has depths so that it will shape the surface of the foot.

Security -  the rubber material protects your feet from falling on slippery surfaces. Although fabric may be much lighter but it wouldn't shield you from hot liquids spilling on your feet and from sharp angles in your house. The sideways are for protection and fixation so it won't fall off while you're walking.

Appearance - basic which makes them an essential.

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