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Keychain Ring

Keychain Ring


Tired of picking up your keys from the floor everytime your thread gets unleashed (because I had to carry my keys on the thread for some time). Introducing a keychain ring. A metal spiral ring with two ends so you can hang your keys in preferred order. A circle shape and tight spiral structure insures each of your keys won't escape from it. All you have to do is hang them on and forget you even have the ring because it's not the key here.

Keychain Ring

Explaning the choice:

Discoverabilty - there's not much you can do with a spiral - you can either hang your key from one end or from the other - either way you'll reach the goal. The challange here is to discover that this 'circle' actually has ends.

Functionality - though it might require some effort to string your keys on the ring the result is worth it. The fact that is made from light metal makes this product almost imperceptible yet reliable (comparing to plastic or glass). The firmness makes it possible to press the ends of a spiral so that keys won't fall off which would be impossible if it was made from something soft like silicone.

Security - metalic ends of the spiral sometimes could scratch your skin or belongings that is why they are rounded.

Appearance - pleasant and calming.

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