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Ever felt stupid when trying to make a cup of americano? Then you can imagine how it feels making a cuppuccino.  This coffee maker has only one button. Now the challange here is to fall asleep after 4 cups of coffee because you will make more than usual just to try this brewer again. The method is as simple as it gets - all you need is to place a splecial paper bag in the container on the left, fill it with coffee powder using a spoon which goes with a machine (1 spoon = 1 large cup (the cup measurements are on the kettle)), pour the water into the container on the top using a kettle for the convinience, press the only button and wait for a sound signaling the finish.


Explaning the choice:

Discoverabilty - there is a depth on the right side of the coffee powder container so you can figure out that you sould open it to the left. There's also a slight cleft between the water container and its lid so it will make you open it. The turn on/off button has a common icon on it and a red light; it differes in colour from other surfaces for an emphasis and ther's also convexities so you can distinguish it using tactile sense. And there's a semi-transperant line with measures on the water container.

Functionality - the kettle is transperent and with measures so you can measure water when pouring into the container and to know the voulume of made coffee. The materials are light but soilid enough - plastic (except the kettle cup). The brewer has a little stove so the coffee won't cool. Maintenance is as simple as can be - extract the paper bag and wipe the stove (it's not too hot so it won't burn).

Security - there is a possibility you can hurt yourself because of hot liquids for instance but withough tempreture it wouldn't be an americano, would it? For the security measures the liquid stops pouring down when the kettle is removed from the stove. The cap of the kettle is fixed to the coffee maker when making a beverage. Although you have to be careful with a steam coming out of it when in process, however, it could hurt you only when you really close to it.

Appearance - there is no redundunt components which makes it more comprehensible.

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