behind the scenes

Explaining the choice

I've always loved the aesthetics of Allen's films and his sense of humor, and although 'Manhattan' isn't my personal favourite, its spirit, music and characters makes it a truly iconic one.

Content rationale

Home page

Content Purpose Format
Promotional message promote, give an idea of what the site is about brief paragraph mentioning dates of the screenings
Info about directors and producers introduce, engage short paragraphs with photo, mention their other movies
Actors and their characters intorduce, engage, interest short description of a character with a photo

Screening page

Content Purpose Format
Timetable for screenings functional data Timetable
Info on location functional data map, text with address and phone number
Info about the venue engage, promote short paragraph, give an idea of what the evening is going to look and feel like, where is going to take place

Film page

Content Purpose Format
Reviews interest, promote short quotes
Quotes from the film engage, make the user feel nostalgic qoutes
Trailer intorduce, engage, interest,make the user feel nostalgic, give an idea of what is the style of the film for those who haven't seen it video

Layout mock-ups

Home page mockup
Home page
Screening page mockup
Screening page
Film page mockup
Film page
Timetable mockup
Timetable for Screening page
Footer mockup

Colours and Typography

As Woody Allen mentions in his monologue at the beginning of the film, he likes to think of New York as 'the town that exists in black and white' and 'pulsates to the great tunes of Gershwin'. Considering that, for my main colours I'm choosing off-black and off-white which give the idea of retro and remind me of faded vinyl packaging. For secondary colour I'm choosing light blue and pale blue which not only reflect the film poster, but also coinside with the main musical theme by George Gershwin called "The Raphsody in Blue". For accents I'm choosing terracotta red, which also gives a feeling of retro, and being not as agressive as saturated red, however, does it's job of drawing attention.

Off-black #202021
Off-white #f7f5ed
Graphite #464849
Red #ba4525
Light blue #bac4d0

For headings I went with Fjalla as it's tall letters evolve the skyscaper-like typography on 'Manhattan' posters. My choice for bodytext is Vollkorn. And even though I tried using one typeface only at first, but it wasn't quite as readable. This serif looks much alike with the font Woody Allen uses in titles at the end of his each and every of his films.

Fjalla one, sans-serif




Vollkorn, serif

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Mood board

My inspiration was skylines of black and white New York. As I was re-watching, I noticed that the checked pattern is ongoing, as the checked shirts of Allen's character repeat the geometric visual rythm of New York's architecture.

NY NY NY NY Manhattan poster Checked pattern